Information Technology Security

The security of an organization largely depends on three m's. The three M's are generally man, machines and methods. In other words, security means adequately managing the Hardware that is controlling access to the CCTV and other control systems , the Software that includes managing available security procedures and policies as well as security systems and lastly the people ware and that is generally managing the customers, employees and the security force. Taken together the three W's make an integral whole of the entity of managing security in the organization.

Technology in supporting security-Hardware
Nowadays, wherever technology is talked about, we are always fascinated by the availability of state of the art security and modern machines and equipment's supporting it. Technology should made use of not for the sake of it but for the sake of security. One may consider using metal detectors as well as RFID chips in order to prevent any internal pilferage that may occur. To make sure that there are no unauthorized replication of stampers, the organization may make use of replicating DVD's and CDS to measure the amount of electricity consumed which is related to the amount of stampers produced.

Most organization are implementing the biometric technology but it is very slow especially when there is a large volume of employees trying to access the restricted area. To control problems related to turnstile access control, it would be good to install turnstile together with CCTV coverage. It may be cost effective to replace the clocking system with perimeter CCTV and control readers. To learn more about IT security, visit .

Understanding the industrial needs- Soft ware
To implement this, the organization should first begin by requesting for consulting services on the areas of improvement as well as take security audit often.  The secure MFA technology is always changing fast and there is a high interaction between it and security of a company. Each security audit should be completely focused on the needs of the company and the industry which it operates.  A security management system should also have a comprehensive manual that has in it all the security procedures
and policies.

The People ware
It is people who can cause the whole security system to crumble. The problems related to people should be addressed before any security reform is made. For instance, the security plan must be fully supported by the management and there also must be a sense of ownership at all levels. The security staff in the company should also be highly motivated and also trained in order to enforce those regulations. You can also see our solution now